International Students

Requirement to Undertake Studies in South Africa

NB: Information on in this page is applicable to students residing outside the borders of South Africa.

1.1. Introduction

The number of international students in South Africa continues to grow every year. Many of them are able to stay in South Africa after finishing their studies.
Approval of study in South Africa or issuance study permit is always at the discretion of the South African visa officer.

Student studying in South Africa comes from countries across the world; America, Europe Africa and Asian continents.

Diversity of international students is a priority for MGM-DPC. International students are expected in our college, and they enhance the international profile of our college, contributing to the global profile of academic Programmes, collaborative research projects and the diversification of cultures at the college as well as positioning in the rankings.

2. International Student Study Permit Application Process 

This guide will assist you through the process of getting your study permit to pursue you study in South Africa. While individual student pilots their own application process, MGM-DP College will be there every step of the way to assist. With our help, you will be able to study and transform the South African education experience into a lifetime career.

Every one of our international student is closely followed by a dedicated Educational Counsellor who has been trained in the landscape of South African higher education and immigration in South Africa. With their help, you will submit the strongest possible application.

2.1. Here are the Basic Steps of The Application Process

2.1.1. Choice of Programme:

Every person outside the boarders of South Africa wanting to study in South Africa needs to have a valid permit called “Study permit”. Your Programme choice is one of the most important factor or the first step of your study permit application. You must present a strong case for studying in South Africa in this particular Programme. MGM-DP College offers a limited numbers of programme and at this stage; we offer the following Programmes:

  • National Diploma in Civil Engineering (N4 – N6).
  • National Diploma in Electrical Engineering (N4 – N6).
  • National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (N4 – N6).
  • National Diploma in Art and Graphic Design (N4 – N6).
  • National Certificate in Public Administration (N5)

After the examination of your application, the college makes programme recommendations based on your education history and/or work experience. This will give you the best possible chance of submitting a successful application.

2.1.2 Apply to The College

After deciding on a Programme you want to enroll-in, you have to prepare and submit your application to the college. 

The document must be scanned and submitted via emailed to the college using the following email address’ the assessment of your application is free of charge however, the acceptance letter by the college will issued once the registration fees of $120 has been paid.

To assure parents and guardians of the college transparency and accountability, the non-refundable registration fees is paid locally to the office of the college representative. Only then, the acceptance letter from `the college can be issued to kick-start the visa process. You need to have a letter of acceptance from the college before you can apply for a study permit. It is important to note that the registration fees in not part of the visa fees application process.

Note: When a foreign national applies for a South African study permit, he/she must provide a valid acceptance letter proving that they have been accepted to enroll at a Designated Learning Institution in South Africa. 

Without providing an acceptance letter, a study permit application will be refused. If the applicant is submitting the application online to South African VISA service, he/she must include a scanned copy of the acceptance letter. 

If however, the application is submitted as hard copies, or paper-based application, he / she must include an original copy of the acceptance letter to the immigration officer.

2.1.3. Apply for a Study Permit

The study permit grants the legal authorization for a person to study at a Designated Learning Institution in South Africa. 

When applying for a study permit, a foreign national should be aware that there are eligibility requirements which must be met when submitting the study permit application. As well, there are certain conditions which must be met throughout the student’s time in South Africa.

There are many steps involved with applying for a study permit and the processing times vary greatly from country-to-country, so it is best to plan ahead to ensure your permit will be processed before your study period begins.

Since a foreign national cannot apply for a study permit without an acceptance letter, the applicant is advice check the college tuition start date and application process in advance to ensure they have sufficient time to obtain the acceptance letter and complete the study permit application. 

3. College Admission Requirements

New Applicant document required:

3.1. Academic Documents and Transcripts

  • Copy of High school reports from Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 if this documents are not in English a translated copy of each document must be attached.

If necessary, you can have your certificates / transcripts translated by some services here in South Africa. For your convenience, the college can assist students to access this services however, the cost of this services is carried directly by respective applicant.

  • Copy of passport (information page with picture, certified by the local authority e.g. police) with passport number clearly visible.

The above-mentioned document have to be scanned and forwarded to the College using the following email for assessment. The college will advice the applicant via email, the status of their application and/or any further requirement.

Please Note: Being in possession of the minimum requirements or average range that are listed online or within the college publications is not to be considered as a guarantee of admission.

3.2. English Language Proficiency

Education in South Africa is manly in English, if you are applying to study at MGM-DP College, all programmes are taught in English, and if English is not your first language, proof of English proficiency is required.

  • English Language Testing

The College might ask the applicant to take a college language assessment test and / or enroll in an English as a Second Language programme before being accepted as a full-time student in a college programmes.

  • English Upgrading

The colleges offer English as a Second Language programs to help you improve your language skills. Contact the college administration for further details. Registration into this programme is at the student additional cost. 

3.3. The college Application Form

Fill out the college application forms and submit all document via email at the following link

4. Additional Important Requirements

Studying abroad can be a very complicated adventure, and many students fail to pursue their studies abroad due to the two major issues below:

  • Health insurance
  • Rent / Accommodation.

4.1. Health insurance

The Government of South Africa does not pay for the medical costs of foreign students. The college insures the peace of mind of our international students, by proving to them a comprehensive Health coverage, which the cost is all included in the yearly fees paid by our international students. 

The college has contract the best health insurance companies in South Africa to manage the health of our international students.

  • Accommodation:

International students do not receive any financial assistance of any kind from the south African government. As part of the immigration requirements, international applicant you must prove that you have enough money to fully support studies in South Africa. MGM-DP provides accommodation to our international students. It is therefore important to apply on time to secure the accommodation as well because space is very limited.

5. International Student Fees and Finances

International student fees are approximately $ 3,332 in American dollar per year (two semesters). This cost excludes the following:

  • Registration Fees (of which $100) is paid locally in the country of origin where we have our representative.
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Medical Insurance
  • Transport (From accommodation to campus)