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Policy Statement

Grounds for Refunds

Cancellation of Studies

Cancellation Procedure

Principles and Commitments

Refund Payment Methods.

1. Introduction

MGM-DPC College expects students to register for classes with the understanding that they will remain in until the end of the programme. However, there are extreme instances under which students / learners want suspend or completely withdraw from the programme altogether. It is therefore required to all employees and students at MGM-DPC to familiarise themselves with this policy, to understand the mechanism involved when dealing with the issue of cancellation and subsequent refund of fees should students / learners decide to do so.

It is the responsibility of students / learners to ensure that they are familiar with the regulations and policies relating to grievances and refunds of tuition fees should anyone decides to terminate his/her participation to a programme.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to comply with the relevant legislation and provide guidelines and process to be followed under which the college is bound to and provides a transparent. The MGM-DPC Cancellation Policy establishes clear guidelines and instructions in the event of cancellation of enrolment before course completion. , The Cancellation Policy provides effective and efficient process students / learners are refunded should any decides to suspend or withdraw from a programme.

3. Scope

This policy applies to past, current Students and Applicants, their Authorised Representatives and/or Official Sponsors seeking a refund of Student Fees. The Refund of Student Fees Policy applies to all Tuition Fees, Student Contribution Amounts and Tuition Fees received by the college or a third parties

4. Policy Statement

If you are considering, or have decided to take leave of absence, withdraw entirely or transfer to another Learning institution, you will need to know how this will affect your tuition fees. This policy provides essential information on tuition fee refunds. You should also ensure you complete the Change of Status form, sign and submit to MGM-DPC offices promptly.

Under the guidance and framework provided by these Acts, Regulations and Codes, the college will conduct all students / learners Fee refunds ethically, honestly and with fairness to all parties.

5. Grounds for Refunds

Tuition may be refunded, No other charges are refundable. Financial aid repayment/return are subject to the rules and regulation of the financial institution. Students who obtained a financial support will have to provide clearance from the financial support before the programme cancellation is processed and approved.

A Student is entitled to a refund of Tuition Fees and/or upfront Student Contribution Amounts under the following circumstances:

  • Student withdrawal from the course (either by the student or initiated by the MGM College).
  • The offer of a place to a Student is withdrawn by the college or the college is unable to provide the Course or the Program. The Student is entitled to a full refund of Tuition fees paid in advance for the Programme.
  • A Student fails to meet program progression rules in accordance with the Academic Standing, Progression and Exclusion Procedure and is not permitted to re-enroll. The Student is entitled to a full refund of Tuition Fees and/or upfront Student Contribution Amounts paid in advance of provision of Notice of Exclusion.
  • Leave of absence, exceptional cases where the student is forced out of the programme due to serious medical reasons within the 30 days of registration, or the student experiences ill-health conditions incapacitating him/her or hospitalization period exceeding the programme term.
  • Where an offer to an International Student was made on the basis of fraudulent documents or incomplete or incorrect disclosure, the college reserves the right to subtract amounts from Tuition Fees as detailed by legislation

Please note:

The college may refuse to provide or continue to provide a Programme to a Student / learner  in one or more of the following circumstances:

  • The Student / Learner, or their Official Sponsor, failed to pay an amount he or she is liable to pay the college, directly or indirectly, in order to undertake the Programme.
  • The international Student / Learner breached his / her condition of Visa (where applicable); and / or
  • Misconduct by the Student in accordance with the college’s policies or code of conduct.

6. Cancellation of Studies 

Refunds will be processed and deposited within 30 business days of receipt of form. All refunds are deposited to the student’s account on the Refund Form. No refund will be paid in cash. Students must ensure that their information on the Refund Form is updated and is accurate. The College is not responsible for late or missing refunds if the student has not ensured accuracy of information with the Finance Office.

7. Cancellation Procedure

The following criteria must be in place:

  • A correctly completed cancellation form and supporting documentation must be submitted before the cancellation process can begin.
  • The account must be up to date before cancellation can be considered
  • All students will be liable to pay for the month in which they request cancellation · Thirty (30) working days are allocated for a decision and process of cancellation to be completed.
  • Only cancellations within policy as stated under Rules of Cancellation will be considered.
  • A cancellation fee not exceeding R 1500 will become payable once the relevant documentation has been submitted for processing and approval.
  • All cancellation applications are to be approved by the Student Support Manager and the Managing Director.
  • Once authorisation for the cancellation is obtained, MGM-DPC College will process the necessary documentation to cancel the students from the programme.
  • The student will be informed of the outcome and subsequently requested to provide proof of his or her current banking details if necessary.
  • The duration of the cancellation process is dependent on the quality and completeness of documentation handed in by applicant. If all documents are correct and validated as described above, the application will be reviewed and finalised within thirty (30) working days from the date of receipt.

8. Principles and Commitments

The College commits to:

  • Ensure this Refund of Student Fees Policy is publicly available to all Students and Applicants.
  • Ensure Students have an option to leave credit balances (excess payments after Census Date) on their Student Account to be applied against future liabilities the Student may incur with the college.
  • Ensure International Students are given access to a copy of this Policy prior to accepting a place at the college under a Student Visa.
  • Enter into a written agreement with the International Student, concurrently with or prior to accepting Tuition Fees from the Student, that contains information regarding refunds of Tuition Fees.
  • Include a clause in all Education Partner contracts (including Support Offices) regarding the refunding of Tuition Fees received for a College Enrolment, to ensure the Education Partner’s refund policy is consistent with this Policy.
  • Through the Education Partner review process, ensure their refund practices are clearly stated and publicly available and meet the National Code requirements.
  • Develop and make publicly available Student Complaint Management and Review of Decision procedures for issues regarding Student Fee refunds.

9. Refund Payment Methods

The College will apply the following methods of refund:

  • Where the original Tuition Fees were received by the College via a current credit card the refund will be credited back against the originating credit card.
  • Where the original Tuition fees were received by the College via bank deposit, money order, debit card payments, bank transfer, international bank transfer or international bank deposit, the refund will be via the College bank transfer (EFT) or international bank transfer (IEFT) as appropriate.

Exceptions to these methods must be approved in writing by the Associate Director (Finance), Financial Services.

Please note:

It is not permissible to transfer refund tuition fees directly from a Student’s Account to that of another Student.

9.1. Refund Currency and Bank Charges

  • All credit card refunds will be processed in South Africa Rand
  • All other refunds will normally be in South Africa Rand unless a Student specifically requests the refund in a currency other than South Africa Rand
  • Where a Student or their Authorised Representative indicates a preferred currency other than South Africa Rand, the College will convert the South Africa Rand equivalent on the day of transfer, at the rate offered by the College’s supplier of foreign currency. The Student accepts this rate of conversion by their signature on the refund application form.
  • Where the College is unable to transfer South Africa Rand or the Student or their Authorised Representative’s preferred currency to the country due to international banking limitations or where the cost of the transfer would result in excessive international bank charges for either party, the College will select the most appropriate foreign currency. The Student or their Authorised Representative accepts this currency by their signature on their refund application.
  • The College will carry all bank charges or deductions imposed by the actions of the bankers engaged by the College to make the refund payment or transfer including the College’s nominated supplier of foreign currency.
  • The Student or their Authorised Representative will carry all bank charges or deductions imposed by or arising from the actions of the bankers nominated by the Student to receive the payment or transfer.
  • Where a Student or their Authorised Representative has nominated a third party as the refund beneficiary the Student, their Authorised Representative and/or the third party will carry all bank charges or deductions imposed by or arising from the actions of the bankers nominated by the Student, their Authorised Representative and/or third party to receive the payment or transfer.
  • Where an Official Sponsor is the refund beneficiary, the Official Sponsor will carry all bank charges or deductions imposed by or arising from the actions of the bankers nominated by the Official Sponsor to receive the payment or transfer.

9.2. Refunds to Students Studying via an Educational Partnership Arrangement

  • Reference to this Refund of Students / Learners Fees Policy and any applicable Educational Partnership refund processes, will be reflected in the Student’s Letter of Offer and Acceptance of Offer at the time of Admission to the College, when studying via an Educational Partner or SETAs.
  • Students studying via an Educational Partnership arrangement, where the Student is required to pay their Student Fees directly to the Educational Partner, will seek Student Fee refunds directly from that Educational Partner or SETAs. 

The Educational Partner will:

  • Develop refund procedures consistent with this Policy; and
  • Deal with all Student refunds promptly ethically, honestly and with fairness to all parties.
  • In exceptional circumstances the Director (Financial Reporting and Budgets) may approve, in writing, the refund of the ‘net credit of Tuition Fees received’ by the College from the Educational Partner on behalf of the Student.
  • Students studying via an Educational Partner arrangement, where the Student is required to pay their Tuition Fees directly to the College, and does so, will be refunded those Tuition Fees by the College in accordance with the procedures in this Policy.

9.3. Review of Decision

  • A Student, their Authorised Representative or an Official Sponsor may request a Review of Decision in relation to a Student Fee refund where the Student or an Official Sponsor considers that the College has not assessed or processed the refund request in accordance with this Policy, or not all relevant information was taken into account when the refund was assessed.
  • Where the Student, their Authorised Representative or Official Sponsor is not satisfied with the attempt at informal resolution, or is uncomfortable with attempting an informal resolution the Student, Authorised Representative or Official Sponsor may lodge a formal request for a Review of Decision in accordance with the College’s Review of Decision Procedure.
  • A Student may also Appeal against a College Decision that may have impacted on the application of this Policy in accordance with the relevant Academic or Non-Academic Appeal Procedure.
  • The College’s resolution processes, including the Academic Appeal Procedure, Non-Academic Appeal Procedure and the Review of Decision Procedure do not circumscribe a Student’s right to pursue other remedies.
  • Where a Student agrees to the terms of this Policy, such agreement, and the availability of Complaints, Appeals and Review of Decision processes, does not remove the right of the Student (or Official Sponsor) to take further action under South African’s consumer protection laws. 

Please note:

  • No refunds for credit balances less than R 250.00 will be processed due to banking changes.
  • Only Tuition fees are refundable as per guidelines in the college refund policy.
  • Refund requests must be accompanied by the required documentation for a speedy process.