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College History and Overview

MGM-DP College is one of the providers of Hi-Tech Design and Engineering Technology Education in South Africa. Founded in 2019, we have assigned ourselves the objectives of re-generating the spirit of design and engineering in our students and learners. 

Africa as a continent in general, is always on the last plan in everything on the planet; last on technological inventions and innovations, last on medical procedures and discoveries, last on agricultural techniques, borrowed legal principles and procedures, last on sound financial practices and using dictated financial principles, etc. In brief, Africa is incapable of designing it own future.

This comes as no surprise, African education systems in the majority of cases have disconnected the theoretical aspect of education with the design before going to production. There is an old say “Take time to Plan, the execution will be faster”. Learning to design, is planning to execute, maintain and even destroy faster, safer and cost effective.

Many projects in African continent take time to takeoff and to complete due to various reasons. But in most cases, this is due to poor and inadequate design of the project.
Using our many years of combined expertise in various fields, MGM-DP College main objective is to re-link students’ theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and practical experience acquired on site, to the final product presented to the consumers of products and Services. 

We fix ourselves the objective of training our students and induce in them the spirit of design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and creativity to meet the need of local, national and international business and labour market.