Application Fees:

The NATED programme (N4 – N6)

Applicants are required to submit their document accompanied with the application fees. An amount of R 400 is levied with each application, this fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to pursue your education at MGM-DPC, or do not qualify for admission or cannot be offered a space due to limited spaces available.

The application must pay application fees and tuition fees through the following method:

  • Electronic Fund Transfer EFT, using your national ID number as reference number.
  • Direct bank deposit or debit card payment and take the deposit sleep to the offices.

MGM-DTC does not accept cash at any of its offices and applicant to ensure that information used during the transaction is correct. The college accepts no responsibility for any mistakes and omissions during the transaction. The payment is considered received only when it reflect on the college bank statement. Scroll bellow for banking details and payment information.

NB: Any application submitted without an application fee paid on time will not be processed. Please ensure that you keep a copy of your proof of payment.

Skills Programme Fees

The applicant is required to call our offices to discuss the programme he / She want to pursue, and a quotation will  generated and sent to the candidate provided email address

Continuing Development Programme

Similar to the skill programme, the applicant is required to call our offices to discuss the programme he / She want to pursue, and a quotation will be generated and sent to the candidate’s provided email address

MGM-DPC Payment Methods and Banking Details

MGM-DPC does not accept cash or cheques at any of it offices, cash can however, be paid into the college’s bank account at any First National Bank (FNB) branch. 

Bank Deposit

Cash and direct bank deposits can be made at any First National Bank (FNB) of South Africa ensure that the deposit slip is correctly filled in as follows:

  • Reason: Student Fees
  • Bank account number: 62799254166
  • Branch Code 250655
  • Deposit Reference: South African National ID Of Passport Number

Please note:

• Should any of the information on the bank deposit slip be incomplete or incorrect, the transaction will not be processed by the bank and/or may cause a delay in the allocation or transfer of funds to your account and as such the College cannot be held liable for delays caused.
• The Payments is considered received once it reflects into the bank account.
• It is the responsibility of the depositor to make sure that the transaction is successful and the deposit slip is correct and sent to the college offices.

Costs and Funding your Studies

MGM-DPC’s study fees structure is lower compared to many other higher education institutions (TVET, Colleges and University). our fees are cheap base on the quality and the Technology use in the transmission of knowledge. Our education is adapted to fourth industrial Revolution Technology, our fee’s structure incudes:
• Registration and Tuition fees
• Syllabuses (Student will have to purchase Prescribed Books) 
• Design and Engineering software 4 sets of software, worth thousands of Rands / dollars
• Labs fees (Tools and materials)
Studying is a significant investment; the cost depends on the qualification and whether you are a local or foreign student and many other aspects auxiliary to the programme / qualification you intend to register.

All students local or international may request the yearly quotation, this can be obtained from the college administration. It is however important to note that local students, are required to pay a none refundable registration fees of R 400 when submitting the application documents.

The application fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to study through MGM-DPC or do not qualify for admission to MGM-DPC.
Please note: MGM-DPC does not accept cash at any of its offices.

Most programme annual fees are in the average of R 1350 monthly, the costs include your prescribed books and Syllabuses where applicable.
Please Note: It compulsory that Engineering, Art and Graphic Design student be in possession of laptop computer to be able to receive design software provided by the college. Click here to see the laptop computer requirement or specifications

Bursaries and Loans for MGM-DPC Students

MGM-DPC’s Division: Student Funding (DSF) administers donor funding in the form of bursaries and loans to MGM-DPC students. The criteria for awarding these bursaries and loans are determined by the donors of the funding. Applicants are advice to visit the following link for further information.
• Fundi:
• First National Bank:

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